Watch the Calendar!

Leah Wolfe and Suka (the cat) walking in the woods at the Trillium Center with friends from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

We are adding new events to our calendar every week now!

Keep checking back to find out when the free children’s first aid and wilderness skills class will happen – thanks to all the donors that made this workshop possible! If you would like to help us offer free classes for children (or adults!), please consider making a donation today. They are tax-deductible and small donations add up quick!

Classes that have been added to the calendar include:

  • a field trip from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History to the Trillium Center
  • classes offered by Trillium Center herbalist, Leah Wolfe, at the Midwest Womens Herbal Conference
  • maple syrup demonstration at the Trillium Center

More to come, including:

  • a demonstration on making your own biochar (including what is biochar)
  • farmers market cooking classes
  • food preservation
  • and more…

If you live in the area and would like to offer a class, fill out our form at: