6 days left in our fundraising campaign

seedhousegrayscaleFebruary 10 is the deadline for our fundraiser. If you haven’t made a donation yet and would like to help us increase our sustainability and support our school, please make a donation at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/trillium-center. You might notice that we have a ways to go to meet our goal, but let me assure you, we will receive all of the donations whether we meet our goal or not.

AND we have made some good connections during the campaign that will reduce the costs of the things we need:

  • we found a place to get barrels for the rainwater catchment system at a lower price
  • and we found a way to make a street sign ourselves instead of hiring a local professional

Please consider making a donation today. Every little donation matters, so if you can only give us $5 or $10, it may seem small to you, but it adds up when our community supports our work.