trimmed crib doorCharles has been working on the corn crib cabin, called The Crib. This is where one of the community herbalist apprentices will be staying and the thermal mass bench stove in the Seed House. Corn cribs of this size are not used much anymore and unfortunately many of them have just been abandoned rather than being reused.

These are the kinds of things that your donations will support – education toward creative approaches to living more simply and improving community health.

We only have 20 days left to meet our fund raising goals. Donations are tax-deductible, they come with perks, and we keep all the money we make whether me meet the full goal or not.

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This is the inside of the The Crib. It will have a fold-out bed, handmade wood stove, and lots of shelves to make the tiny space livable.





NCM_0040Charles made the stove back when he lived at BLD studios. The bricks will warm up and hold the heat to keep the cabin warm. It was quite warm in there when we took the picture. Our apprentice will be able to cook and stay warm at the same time.

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