Contribute to a free children’s program

NCM_0013This year consider making a donation to the Trillium Center. We are helping people prepare for disasters and a better way of living by teaching, increasing biodiversity on our land, and planting seeds. We need funds for a FREE children’s program and a sustainable water system for our United Plant Savers botanical sanctuary that protects at-risk and endangered species. Please send your donation to us here:

The Trillium Center is working toward a greater depth of sustainability – both at the farm and in our community. We have some things we want to accomplish this year, but we need some help from our supporters. Scroll down for more info, or skip to our Indiegogo site and video!

Your donations will help us:

  • finish the Seed House
  • develop a FREE children’s summer program
  • offer monthly educational workshops
  • offer a community herbalist apprenticeship program
  • offer a community herbal intensive
  • offer a work/trade exchange program
  • and, expand our botanical sanctuary by developing sustainable water systems

Some of these things are offered on a volunteer basis and some of them are self-sustaining programs that only need supplies to get off the ground.

To finish the Seed House, develop a free program for children, and develop a sustainable water system, we need small donations from a lot of people. To do this we have started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We are hoping to raise $6500 by mid-February. The details and our budget are included on the Indiegogo webpage, which you can find here:

Please send us a donation. They are tax-deductible and will help a small family farm become more sustainable and create more seeds of knowledge and skill for adults and children to carry home.

To learn more about our history, work, and programs, explore our website:

With gratitude,

Leah Wolfe and Charles Schiavone