Whatever Happened to the Serpentine Project?

The SRound Logoerpentine Project began as educational endeavor that included the development of a botanical sanctuary. Leah Wolfe founded the SP in 2009 in Luck, WI and later that year started a second botanical sanctuary in NE Ohio. Unfortunately, the gardens in Wisconsin couldn’t be protected and that part of the project was abandoned. Today, the Serpentine Project has evolved into two projects in NE Ohio.

The Trillium Center and the Seed Gardens

The Trillium Center is an educational center for self-reliance and other folk arts. It is a collection of gardens and workspaces at BLD farm.  Currently, we are working on the Seed House, a tunnel-style green house attached to a cobb and strawbale sunroom. Read more here: http://atomic-temporary-39350260.wpcomstaging.com/2013/01/08/the-seed-house…trilliu-center/

The Serpentine Project

The Serpentine Project is now a group research project seeking an experiential understanding of plant medicines. If you would like to join the group in NE Ohio, schedule a meeting with the facilitator, Leah Wolfe, MPH,  or would like to read some of our stories, visit our website at http://serpentineproject.blogspot.com/p/medicinal-plant-explorations.html.