May 16-17, Wilderness First Aid

We are so excited to have Dave Pike back to teach a Wilderness First Aid class at the Trillium Center. This year, Charles Schiavone will be a co-trainer. You will also be excited to learn that the Trillium Center will offer an Herbal First Aid course to participants later in the year!

Here are the details for the May training:
(Registration information is at the bottom, you must register to participate).

Wilderness First Aid
Join us on May 16-17 is a hands-on course that prepares you to avoid, prevent or cope with medical issues in wilderness environments. This is a 16-hour class over two days including the following topics:

Day One
1: Introduction, Preparation and Assessment of the Problem
2: Preventing and Caring for Injuries (All Types)

Day Two
1: Problems with Weather and Environment
2: Bites, Bugs and Plant Poisons
3: Medical Problems
4: Conclusion, Exam & Performance Evaluations

Total cost: $80 including lunch both days and book

Lunch will be provided! Your book will be sent to you when you pre-register. We encourage you to read the book before the class. You and everyone else will have a better learning experience if we can focus on developing body memory and not focus on the book. The course ends with a 2-part exam (scenarios and written test) to ensure that you have integrated the information. You will receive a WFA card when you pass the exam. You will be better prepared in the event of an emergency!

The Instructors

Dave Pike works on a Rescue Squad in Western North Carolina as EMS crew and Wilderness Rescue Technician. A Wilderness EMT since 2002 and credentialed for instruction with American Safety & Health Institute as well as North Carolina’s Office of EMS, Dave Pike has worked as an EMT in urban, wilderness and disaster situations.

Charles Schiavone is a volunteer firefighter and paramedic at the Conneaut Fire Department, Station #3 and a builder at the Trillium Center and BLD farm. He has been a street medic trainer for more than 5 years and went to Haiti after the earthquake to provide disaster relief.

You must pre-register by May 1. Pre-registration fee is $20, which covers the cost of your book. Registration form and final payment are due May 10. Get the registration form and other details by sending an email to

Spring Foraging Class

Join Ian Hamilton and Leah Wolfe of the Trillium Center for a spring foraging adventure at the Bluffs State Park, along the shores of beautiful Elk Creek and Lake Erie.

April 25, 3-5 PM
Address is: 12112 Abels Rd E, East Springfield, PA 16411

We’ll be gathering amazing wild foods and medicines, and will talk processing, cooking, and storage, so you can begin to feed and heal yourself from nature’s grocery store. This class is the first of a seasonal series through the Trillium Center, and will empower you as a forager to consciously garden and protect our wild places.

Children are welcome! $15 per person, or $30 per family. Proceeds go toward the Lake Erie Mobile Herb Clinic, and will help make natural medicine accessible to the community.

Send an email to or check out

Peoples’ Public Forum on Injection Wells

Dear Friends of the Trillium Center, 
I wanted to let you know about this Earth Day event in Windsor Community Center. We believe this is relevant to the work we do at the Trillium Center in terms of clean water being one of the foundations of self-reliance and interdependent living. If you are interested in learning more about how injection wells threaten the health of Ohio communities, join Ashtabula County Water Watch:
Peoples’ Public Forum on Injection Wells
Earth DayWednesday, April 22, 20156-8 pm
Windsor Community Center
5430 Mayfield Rd, Windsor, OH 44099
Radioactive fracking wastewater is being disposed of in our back yards.  Come hear expert testimony explaining injection wells and health hazards of the wastewater coming into Windsor Township, Ashtabula County. Concerned residents are urged to attend and present written and oral comments.
Class II Injection Wells accept liquid waste from oil and gas wells using hydraulic fracturing. Although this wastewater has the benign name of “brine,” in addition to salt, it contains high levels of contaminants like benzene, naphthalene, formaldehyde, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, and radioactive compounds like radium.  Most of this toxic waste isn’t even generated in Ohio.
In October, 2013, an oilfield service company applied to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) for permits to convert two old production wells into Class II Injection Wells in Windsor Township. There are already four injection wells on the same site. Many Windsor and Ashtabula County residents, including all three Ashtabula County Commissioners, sent comments to ODNR asking for a public hearing so residents could voice concerns.  ODNR did not respond to any of these comments. The permits were quietly granted in February, 2014, without local notifications. After more than a year of waiting on public officials to communicate with us, and watching “brine” trucks from Pennsylvania roll through our communities, Ashtabula County Water Watch and co-sponsors invite all concerned residents to our own public hearing.  Copies of all testimonies will be submitted to Director Jim Zehringer, ODNR.
Event sponsored by: Ashtabula County Water Watch, Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake Counties Farmers Union, Concerned Citizens Ohio, Hiram, and Shalersville, Frack Free Geauga, and the Lake Effect chapter of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. For more information, call 440-272-5174.

Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes

Earth Repair BookA couple of years ago, I was asked to contribute a small article for the book Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes.

Author Leila Darwish thought it was important to include an herbal approach to detoxification of our bodies amidst the creative and innovative ideas for improving our local environment.

Besides herbal detoxification the book provides a guide to a variety of bioremediation techniques, strategies for building community resilience, and a list of common contaminants.

This book is now available at the Trillium Center to help us raise funds for a free/low-cost alternative health clinic bus. We would like to purchase a vehicle that can be converted to burn waste oil from restaurants, or another Earth-friendly fuel. We’ll see what kind of vehicle comes our way.

Be a part of our project to bring free/low cost care and educational programs to the Lake Erie region.

The Trillium Center earns $7.95 for every book we sell. Learn more about the book at


Leah Wolfe

2015 Erie Home and Garden Expo

Ottesen_Stilleben_mit_LöwenzahnLeah Wolfe, from the Trillium Center, will be talking about weeds at the 2015 Erie Home and Garden Expo. She’ll show us why we should embrace weeds in our gardens as local and whole medicines. Learn about the common weeds that have medicinal and nutritional benefits in your backyard medicine chest. Leah will be presenting on Friday at 6:30 PM at the Erie Convention Center. Tickets to the expo are $7.–garden-expo/

Modern Mental Health/ The Problem with Evidence Based Treatment

Leah Wolfe:

“When we couch respectability in terms of evidence based science, we can actually cause damage to the potential for healing that can happen within a variety of settings. Further, calling these various forms of healing superstitious or unscientific reenacts the wound of a dominant culture requiring that the rest of the world fits into their way of seeing reality. By requiring “treatment” to be “evidence based” we do a vast disservice to those from other cultures and peoples who find healing through a variety of non-sanctioned paths.”

Originally posted on Beyond Meds:

By Jon Keyes

Often when I work with someone who comes to see me I am at a loss of where to begin.  Emotional distress such as depression, insomnia and anxiety often have so many tangled roots that it is hard to know where to begin.   Distress often has its roots in multiple origins such as trauma, ongoing stress as well as poor lifestyle and dietary habits.  On a deeper level, distress can be thought of as a singular expression of a larger pattern of disharmony that spans the globe due to underlying systemic problems of racism, poverty, colonialism and ecological devastation.  If we think of the planet as one living organism, then emotional distress is a signal of systemic suffering.

homelessHow can we can work with depression in the context of people having to work at low wage jobs, eat cheap processed food and live in cramped dangerous…

View original 877 more words

Winter Newsletter

herbs for the heart

The Trillium Center is working on it’s 2015 calendar and the Lake Erie chapter of Herbalists Without Borders would like to have you as a member. Click on the link to read more:

2015-01 Newsletter

Also, in the news: the first class of the year is Saturday, February 7. Join Leah Wolfe for a night of heart-centered herbal remedies including tonics to strengthen the circulatory system and heart healthy treats.

We are still receiving ideas for classes next year. If you want to teach a class, fill out the form here:

herbs for the heart

herbs for the heartAfter huddling around heaters and fires to keep warm here in NE Ohio, it’s refreshing to have an excuse for reversing the effects of shivering and curling up in warm cozy chairs. When the weather is cold and the nights are long, many of us might find ourselves slumping while feeling ready to explode with cabin fever. So the excuse is Valentine’s Day. A day of hearts sugar and flowers. I would offer an alternative that focuses on opening the heart using herbs. On February 7, join me at “Herbs for the Heart.” I will share recipes (some of my own and some from other herbalists) and demonstrate how to make heart-centered herbal remedies. When remedies are prepared with compassion and empathy, it just might be possible that the healing runs deeper.

~Leah Wolfe

Herbs for the Heart
Saturday, February 7
4-6 PM

Whole Foods Cooperative
1341 West 26th St.
Erie, PA 16508

Write to or call 440-812-9921 to sign up for this class. Class size is limited.
$10 includes recipe booklets and samples


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